Client Referrals

  • Chris & Rhonda

    We had a horrible experience w our 1st realtor so we were a bit scared to find another one. We called JoAnn and from the first meeting we knew she was the one for us. She took all our information, knew everything that we were looking for and started the process. With in a few weeks we found a house that we fell in love with. Short sale, “oh no” we thought… we knew the risks since JoAnn explained everything and she assured us she would be on top of it. Every week we got an update email from JoAnn explaining all the progress. Come time for closing JoAnn was on top of everything and everyone making sure there were no issues. JoAnn has made such a positive impact on our family and our life that a thousand thank you’s will never be enough. She will be a part of our family forever.

  • Geoff

    I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the tremendous job you did on the sale of my house this year. The service I received was superior. All advice you provided was accurate and correct. With the house being on the market only one week before a buyer was found I almost couldn't move fast enough to keep pace with events as they unfolded.

    The manner with which you set up the sale insured a quick and trouble free process just as it was on my initial purchase of that home nine years ago. I hope anyone reviewing references for real estate agents realizes that you are the go to agent for for home buying or selling in the Reno area.

    Thanks again for great job!

  • Hee & Hanna

    JoAnn has been a wonderful person to work with in our real estate dealings.  Her patience, persistence, and thorough knowledge of the Reno real estate market proved to be a great asset for us.  She was always mindful of our best interests in our decisions.  We were able to purchase a short sale house with relative ease thanks to JoAnn.  Once we settled into our new house, JoAnn again represented us in selling our old house.  Despite the tough Reno real estate market for selling houses, , the house sold in less than a week thanks to JoAnn’s expertise.

  • Kevin & Amy

    We have known JoAnn for over 8 years, while she was the realtor of our first home in Reno. When we planned to buy our second house for a rental late last year, we asked for her help again without any hesitation. She worked closely and patently with us, seller’s agents, and other parties for a few months. We found our ideal house once again.

    The counsel JoAnn has offered us has been immeasurable. She knows the market inside and out and she is about as approachable as our closest friends. We never could have gotten our dream houses without her.

    JoAnn is a true professional and we recommend her to everyone.

  • Latricia

    I have known JoAnn Corriera since 2008 and think of her as a friend first and my realtor second.  In March 2011 I purchased a townhome with JoAnn’s assistance and she was there for me every step of the way. JoAnn has unending patience and would still be showing me properties to this day if that’s what it would have taken in order to find me the right home. She never rushed me and it was obvious she only ever wanted the best for me. Due to her vast home buying experience she was always able to get me to really look at all aspects of each property to see if they would fit me and my lifestyle.

    I purchased a bank owned property and was a first time home buyer. Throughout the entire process JoAnn informed me of all the details I needed to know and she patiently answered all of my questions.  She was on top of every detail and automatically coordinated things for me when she knew I wouldn’t be able to due to my work schedule. 

    I highly recommend JoAnn at any opportunity I can and will continue to do so.  Please feel free to contact me with any further questions.

  • Lauren & Robert 

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your steadfast diligence in getting our home sold. The process was a long one, but you waited patiently for us to finally heed your gentle urgings to set the price at a place where the job could get done. You presented your case through facts and many years of experience, but always left it up to us to set the price marker where we felt we must, and then you went to work to do your expert best to get the job done. This economic climate is a tough one for selling homes, but you never once said it could not be done. You were always solid in your optimism, confidence and commitment and let us finally come to the place where we could realize that if it was to get done it had to be in keeping with what the buyers would be willing to pay. Once we were in full alignment with your sage advice it was a matter of a couple of days until the perfect cash buyer made his offer. It all flowed so smoothly from there as you took all the steps to get us to the close of escrow.

    Your warmth, professionalism, and genuine caring will always be remembered and cherished as we look back at this whole process. Thank you!